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Art of Chris Thomas

About the Artist

Me in one of my favorite denim jackets!

Hi, my name is Chris Thomas, and I welcome you to my new and improved website/shop. Thanks to Big Cartel the process is more streamlined than before. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or email me at [email protected]

I guess I should start from my roots:

I grew up in the suburbs of Renton, Washington. I attended McKnight Middle School, and then Oliver M. Hazen High School. Both experiences would shape the direction of my life in ways I would not realize. 

I would go on to get my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Washington, but not in Art. My major was History, which is still one of my primary interests to this day. For awhile, I even imagined becoming a teacher or professor. Some of my paintings have historical influences, although my style and content varies. 

History was not my first choice. Originally, I was studying Architectural Design with aspirations of becoming an architect. I loved those courses dearly, and believed I had found my true calling. I learned perspective, shading, contrast, saturation/desaturation, and much more from my architecture lessons. Delving in to Architectural history was a favorite past-time of mine, and I even had favorite architects and buildings throughout all of history. I recall Imhotep as being one of them. These architectural design studies formed the basis of my initial interest in art, even if it was from a more practical perspective at first. Unfortunately, architectural design is immensely competitive at UW. When I applied I was wait-listed, and subsequently rejected from the major after several months of not knowing whether I would make it in or not. Soon, reality would sink in. History was my next logical step. 

I would eventually graduate in 2019 after going an extra quarter, technically graduating a year later than originally planned. However, I now work in an office downtown Seattle and was fortunate to find a good job. 

I met my wife, Chelsey, in 2018 while I was still attending UW. Our connection is strong and we have an understanding I have never had with anyone else in my entire life. We got engaged on New Years Eve before 2020 and were married in July 2022. We live together in a lovely duplex in Seattle, having previously lived in a one-bedroom apartment in the Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford. We have two cats, Zena and Lucy, a Siberian husky named Kota, 2 leopard geckos named Alduin and Drogon (both girls). Basically a small petting zoo, but we love it.

Painting was new to me in 2019. I had never really delved in to any painting mediums in the past, other than watercolors when I was 3 years old. It started as a simple Wine & Paint Night with my wife and her two cousins that live in Seattle. We would go over to their place every week and have a lovely time just sipping drinks - whether it was White Claws or actual wine - and painting. This was my introduction to acrylic paint, and my subsequent interest in painting in general. 

Now, it's been about 3 years since I started painting. My style is my own, and I don't claim to be a part of any specific style or school of art. My content ranges from landscapes, to space, to Sci-Fi, surrealism, and much more. Influences on my work include Salvador Dali, Nick Flook, and René Magritte

As always, I appreciate your support and your patronage. I tend to fall in love with every piece I make, and sometimes find it hard to part ways with them. However, I find solace in knowing that someone else out there appreciates my art enough to care for it and hang it in their house. This makes it easier for me to part ways with my art (and makes my Fiancé happy too!). 

Much love, and happy painting! :)
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