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Art of Chris Thomas


Currently my commissions are open!


Below are the available sizes and prices associated with them:

Commission prices and sizes

Your Concept vs. My Style

When you think of me for your commission piece, does my style fit with your vision?
Ask yourself this question before you email me regarding your idea for a custom painting.

This might sound silly to someone who knows my art well, but I have been reached out to by people in the past asking for concepts that have nothing to do with my style or subject matter. As always, I reserve the right to say "no" to any concept / idea, but always try to keep an open mind if it's something you think I can pull off!

If you are unfamiliar with my style, feel free to browse through my art on my website, or look at my instagram @artofchristhomas. 


For commissions, I ask for 50% of the payment up front to pay for the cost of materials and to act as a deposit. The rest of the 50% can be paid all at once at time of completion, or can be set up as a payment plan that is case by case depending on how much you can pay at the time. If you would like to pay 100% up front, that is definitely acceptable as well!

Once the full amount is paid (after the painting is complete), the painting is mailed out with a Certificate of Authenticity.

I have you sign a commission contract prior to the painting being started.

If you have any questions regarding my commissions and availability, feel free to email me at [email protected] .